22 November 2023 09h00 to 09h45 Workplace Meetings Lerins Conference room Opening lecture

How can we rethink the employee experience in our companies?

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In our hybrid work environment, the employee experience has become an essential pillar of corporate performance.
Implementing actions throughout the employee's journey with the company is essential to maintain employee commitment, satisfaction and talent retention. 
How can we optimize the digital transformation needed to improve the employee experience? How to mobilize employees with a hybrid or full remote mode of operation? What is the impact on corporate culture, and does it need to be rethought? What resources can work environment managers and HR directors deploy for a sustainable transformation of the company? 
Ambitions, testimonials and feedback from industry experts


Christophe GIRAL
Real Estate Director – EURO DISNEY

Laurent TRICOT
DET and mobility – TOTALENERGIES

22 November 2023 14H35 to 15H20 Workplace Meetings Lerins Conference room Workshop

Hybrid working: one year on, where do we stand?

Organized by AREMIS France

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At the 2022 edition of Workplace Meetings, AREMIS shared some unmentionable secrets and strong convictions about the development of hybrid working.
Data, tools, space planning: what changes are we witnessing?
Which practices are sustainable?
Welcome to this workshop; we're also counting on you to come and share your experience with us!



General Manager – AREMIS

23 November 2023 09h00 to 09h45 Workplace Meetings Lerins Conference room Plenary lecture

Workspace and flow: inducing creativity and preventing burnout

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In today's fast-paced, digital age, we need to give people the means to maintain optimal creativity while consuming a minimum of energy, by achieving a state of flow. 
 Flow is a mental state reached when a person is completely immersed in an activity, and is in a state of maximum concentration, full engagement and satisfaction in its accomplishment. Flow is a kind of preventive medication against burn-out and an inducer of creativity.
This cause-and-effect relationship between Flow and creativity is reflected in 2 elements:

Firstly, Flow promotes creativity through its ability to produce "effortless attention". Logically, we might think that the more demanding a mental activity is, the greater the effort felt. Yet when we're in Flow, the perception of effort diminishes, until it disappears altogether in intense states. Cognitive fatigue is postponed. This enables the creative process to be sustained over longer periods.

Secondly, in Flow, our concentration is complete and total. However, it's not our consciousness that's at work in this act of concentration in Flow. Consciousness steps back to make way for the subconscious. It remains in a passive role, ready to regain control if the need arises. We're talking here about


Pharmacist - Speaker - President – KLEN IMPACT

23 November 2023 14h35 to 15h20 Workplace Meetings Lerins Conference room Plenary lecture

Meet IDET, Inspiring and Developing Work Environments Environments

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- Presentation of IDET by Séverine Pilverdier, President of IDET 
- Presentation of Buzzy Ratios by Thierry Allio, IDET Comex member in charge of studies and forecasting
- Presentation of the South-West Delegation by Raphaël Cartron, President of the South-West Delegation



Thierry ALLIO
En Charge Des Études Et De La Prospective – COMEX DE L’IDET

President of the South-West Delegation – IDET