WORKPLACE MEETINGS is a One to One Meetings dedicated to work environment professionals (occupant services, sustainable development and innovation, design and layout of workspaces…), purchasing professionals and architects whose objective is to promote direct “face to face” between Top Decision Makers and Exhibitors through pre-organised and highly qualified meetings prior to the event in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.


BUSINESS DATES : 7th & 8th APRIL 2021

The number of appointments depends on your choice of participation. These are One to One interviews that allow Top Decision-makers and Exhibitors to meet face to face.

A Top Decision Maker participates in one lunch per day and one meeting per day with the Workplace Meetings exhibitors he or she has chosen via a matching platform specially put online by Weyou Group.

Each meeting lasts 20 minutes and there is a 10-minute break between each meeting so that the Top Decision Makers have time to move on to the next meeting and, if they wish, to meet other exhibitors that they may not have chosen for the meeting.


Organized by Weyou Group within the Palais des Festivals and Congresses of Cannes on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th April 2021 from 1:20 pm to 2:50 pm in private rooms, the business lunches are a significant asset: they are a privileged opportunity to exchange at greater length with the Top Decision Makers in a context that is both friendly and relaxed.
A maître d’hôtel is available to exhibitors and Top Decision Makers throughout the lunch so that this moment is the most conducive to exchanges. They are organized by table of 8 people (6 top decision-makers and an exhibiting company) in a private dining room.


The number of appointments depends on your choice of participation. A high-performance “matching” software program has been set up by Weyou Group to ensure that your appointments and lunches meet your expectations as closely as possible.

One month before the meeting, Top Decision-makers and Exhibitors have access to this platform to manage their appointment requests via their intranet. The setting up of appointments is done in 3 major steps.

Top Decision-makers and Exhibitors issue their wishes for meetings and lunches (the number of wishes must be twice as high as their commitment) in order to guarantee the quality of the meetings.

This phase allows each participant to see the wishes for appointments and lunches for which he or she has been invited and to respond favourably or unfavourably to them.
Wishes refused by either party will be discarded and will therefore not be scheduled.

Once these two steps have been completed, the software automatically matches the validated wishes of Top Decision-makers and exhibitors.

The schedule of appointments will be communicated to you a few days before Workplace Meetings.